The successful brand

The successful braBrand success is achieved by placing your buyer at the heart of your brand. This means getting to know who your ideal buyer-type is and examining a number of factors, such as, what motivates them to need or want what you offer and ultimately what triggers them to purchase.

Before embarking on the design phase of a branding project, we hold a buyer persona insight workshop, as standard. This important stage allows us to step in to the shoes of the buyer-type you want to appeal to and helps us position you favorably against your competitors.

If managed correctly your brand will become your organisations most valued asset. It will represent all that your product, service or organisation stands for, ensuring your ideal buyers feel you’re equipped to meet their needs and if relevant solve a problem they are faced with.

A mistake many marketers and business owners make, is a jump straight to tactics, i.e. logo, brochure design, website build… and missing out the strategy phase completely. At Unwritten, marketing strategy isn’t complicated or cumbersome, in fact we’re told our method is refreshing and eye-opening but most importantly, a common sense approach to marketing.

We start with your objectives. This varies widely; from the achievement of financial targets, through to improved customer engagement. We then get to work understanding your buyers before agreeing on brand messaging and the different media channels relevant to those you hope to attract.

We want the brands we create for our clients to be a huge success. Decisions made at this point hugely impact a brands outcome and so skipping the insight and planning phase just isn’t an option at Unwritten.

Again, this comes back to understanding your buyers, where they go to learn and discover, alongside what and who influences them to make purchasing decisions. Developing your buyer personas provide you with this information, ensuring you use content your buyers are likely to engage with, through media channels they are present on/in and trust.