Printed Marketing

Print continues to plays a crucial part in many marketing and awareness campaigns. It can have a real impact with audiences that don’t respond well to online ‘interruption’ techniques, such as email (spam), pre-video ads and sponsored social ads. Most commonly at Unwritten, we use print to compliment or enhance the digital work we carry out.

While a strong online presence is central to the marketing of most products and services, in isolation it is not always the most effective way and certainly not the only way, to penetrate your marketplace.

Across all forms of advertising and marketing there are examples of where online media just isn’t as appropriate as offline media. A carefully crafted printed piece, when used in the right context, provides your buyers with a tangible form of branding and a reminder of your organisation, long after they have clicked off your website or scrolled past your ad on their social feed.

Another example of offline advertising worth consideration is outdoor media. According to research published by Forbes, we spend up to 20 hours a week in our cars. Therefore if the majority of your buyers drive, there is plenty time to expose them to roadside advertising. But does it actually get noticed and if so will it result in a sale for you?

The Forbes study showed that the answer is yes, to both questions…

71% of us often look at the messages on roadside advertising

58% of us learned about an event we were interested in attending

58% of us learned about a restaurant we later visited

56% of us talked about something funny we saw on a roadside advert

Of course outdoor advertising isn’t the only printed marketing options available and it also isn’t suitable for all. The forms of printed marketing we design at Unwritten vary greatly depending on the buyer types we’re tasked to engage with and the sales or marketing result required.

From press ads, awareness posters and company brochures, through to tradeshow exhibition stands and outdoor media campaigns, it is important to share your overall objectives with us from the outset. This ensures we recommend the correct approach for you and advise accurately on the use of call to actions, making it easy for your audience to understand exactly what you want them to do. Lastly but critically, it allows you to monitor the success of your print project against actual goals set.

As no brand exists in isolation, it’s important to understand the context in which your marketing messages are used. Be it online or offline, understanding how and when to use your brand is essential in developing a persuasive visual identity that your buyers can relate to.

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