Design for print

Branding that goes beyond the web.

Due to the growth of digital media, today a strong online presence is central to the marketing of your organisation. However, when executed well, print can offer a sense of gravitas and a timeless quality that is difficult to replicate within new technologies. It provides your buyers with a tangible form of branding and a reminder of you, long after they have clicked off your website.

And that’s not the only benefit – studies show that people read digital text 20-30% slower than print which leads to readers losing interest and skimming content without retaining the information. Ultimately, this signifies that printed marketing encourages higher engagement rates from consumers. It can also have a real impact with audiences that don’t respond well to online ‘interruption’ techniques, such as email marketing, pre-video ads and sponsored social ads.

So, while the digital age has indeed sparked a debate surrounding the necessity of printed marketing, it is clear that print maintains its crucial bearing in successful marketing and awareness campaigns.

At Unwritten, we couple beautifully executed print with messaging that targets the right buyer. As no brand exists in isolation, it’s important to understand the context in which it should be used. Whether it’s a direct mail piece or a press ad printed in an industry magazine, understanding where and how to distribute your brand is essential in developing a persuasive visual identity.

From company business cards to large format exhibition stands and billboards, we have the capability to advise on and develop appropriate, well executed printed pieces. We have worked with brands both big and small to create exceptional print that not only creates a complimentary presence alongside your digital media, but also stands alone in the delivery of your brand’s offering.

Our many years of combined hands-on print experience means we’ve got you covered. We’re experts in print management, copywriting, artworking and much more, meaning we’ll nurture your print project from start to finish.