Buyer persona marketing

A strategic approach that goes far beyond identifying demographics.

We establish your buyer personas through a series of workshops, bespoke research and real data that allows us to produce detailed representations of those most likely to buy your product or service.

Traditionally, a buyer is someone who makes a purchase, a consumer who gives cash in exchange for an asset. Considering who this person is and what buying process they go through when making a purchase decision is vital when it comes to marketing. Our buyer persona method not only places a focus on the purchasers themselves, but also on the people who want to ‘buy in’ to your product, service or brand, casting a major influence on your buyer’s decision-making process.

It is therefore imperative to tailor your marketing depending on the buyer type you are talking to. The good news is, with a little upfront planning, it is easy to do and highly effective.

Once complete, your buyer personas should accurately inform three things:


What you say—wording, tone of voice, design and imagery—the message that guides your overall communications and content.


How you say it—press ad, brochure, blog, landing page, video—the way in which your brand is exposed.


Where you say it—Facebook or LinkedIn, tabloid or broadsheet, industry conference or outdoor media.

As a result of having access to more information than ever before, both consumers and B2B customers have become savvier about researching and choosing the products, services and opportunities available to them.

Hubspot research reveals that buyers are now 48 percent more likely to consider solution providers that personalise marketing to address individual issues. Consequently, understanding the needs and desires of potential purchasers is a vital element of consideration when developing your marketing strategy, messaging and creative work that supports it.

Exploring beyond demographics, Unwritten Buyer Persona Academy gives those with sales or marketing responsibilities, a complete understanding of buyer motivations, assumptions and expectations, enabling a more tailored communications approach to increasingly informed buyers.

This method allows you to develop more powerful marketing campaigns and build stronger bonds with customers, giving your offering a personable edge that competitors can’t match.