Brand identity

Helping your brand reach its full potential.

We start by looking at your objectives; whether it be the achievement of financial targets or improved customer engagement, we make it our priority to understand your company’s goals. We then get to work establishing your key buyers before agreeing on brand messaging and which media channels are relevant to those you hope to attract. By getting to know you and your buyers, we’re able to fully recognise what makes your product, service or organisation special. We use this information to build a brand that is unique and captures all of your core values.


Our aim is to help brands maximise their full potential. Whether building from the ground up, re-positioning, refreshing or evolving, we’re on hand to elevate your company to its next stage. From innovative logo design, to corporate identity, the branding systems we develop ensure consistency across all mediums with a degree of flexibility. This approach allows us to reflect the ever changing needs of the buyer.

We want the brands we create or develop for our clients to be a huge success. Decisions that are made during the branding process can massively impact a company’s outcome and so missing out the insight and planning phase just isn’t an option at Unwritten.

Again, this comes back to understanding your buyers, where they go to learn and discover, alongside what and who influences them to make purchasing decisions. Developing your buyer personas will provide you with this information, ensuring you use content that your buyers are likely to engage with, through media channels they frequent and trust.