Visit England reported a 23% increase in the number of visitors to the North East of England following the launch of the ‘New Campaign’.

The Client

VisitEngland is a national tourism agency that plays a unique role in building England’s tourism product and raising Britain’s profile worldwide. This particular project was financed by The Northern Tourism Growth Fund, a £10m government funded international tourism programme managed by VisitEngland with a view to develop Britain’s visitor economy.

The Objective

To create a multiple persona focused advertising campaign that promoted the launch of a new flight route from the USA to Newcastle. The United Airlines direct flight from New York to Newcastle was a trial route, running from May to September. Our aim was to help fill inbound seats during this period, significantly increasing the number of visitors to the North East.

The Outcome

After defining core buyer personas, Unwritten set to work developing a targeted concept and messaging strategy, alongside branding and marketing collateral that encouraged US travellers to visit the North of England. The campaign was a success, seeing a 23% rise in the number of tourists visiting the region over that period. The flight route was also secured for the following year.

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