RGS saw the number of children sitting their Year 7 entrance exam increase by over 100%, the highest recorded attendance figures to-date.

The Client

Newcastle upon Tyne is home to one of the UK’s leading independent day schools, Royal Grammar School Newcastle (RGS). RGS holds the number one position for GCSE and A Level results in the North of England. The school supports students aged 7-18 throughout their education, instilling them with a curiosity for the world around them and a drive to excel.

The Objective

Unwritten were commissioned to create a bold, outdoor advertising campaign to promote a series of RGS open day events. The chosen framework had to work seamlessly across a number of other mediums, including social media. Overall the aim was to drive admission enquiries, resulting in an increase in students taking the year 7 entrance exam.

The Outcome

Speaking directly to parents about the choices they make, we used the trigger message ‘their future in your hands’. Aspirational word play aligned with a subject image also played a part, e.g. ‘engaging the sharpest minds’ next to an RGS student fencing. Following the campaign, RGS recorded the highest ever attendance for their Year 7 entrance exams, an increase of over 100%.

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