The new Phusion website has seen an increase in the monthly number of individual users from 87 to 791 and page views rise from 111 to 2,278.

The Client

Phusion IM is an engineering information management company which boasts a 25-year track record of developing technologies for the world’s largest engineering projects, including the $50billion Chevron Gorgon project in Australia. Recent years have seen the development of the Phusion software suite, establishing them as a provider of innovative and cost-effective SaaS products for SME’s.

The Objective

After expanding its software into a powerful toolkit for SME’s, Phusion brought Unwritten onboard to better understand the needs of their different customer types, their nuances and how to best connect to them. The aim was to help Phusion look at their market objectively and ensure future sales and marketing activity focuses on addressing the specific needs of each persona, in a clear and coherent manner.

The Outcome

Before embarking on the design and build of the new Phusion website, Unwritten created buyer personas alongside a persona based content plan. We then moved to key message development, user journeys and stories, identifying the right people and the content that reaches them most effectively. The new website has seen individual users increase from 87 to 791 per month and page views rise from 111 to 2,278 since its launch.

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