North Tyneside Council saw website traffic increase by 25% following the launch of ‘We are North Tyneside’.

The Client

‘We are North Tyneside’ is a place brand developed by Unwritten following a series of buyer persona and destination marketing workshops with North Tyneside Council. The local authority, based in the North East of England, required creative assistance in promoting their borough as a great place to live, work and visit.

The Objective

Unwritten was appointed to develop an identity for North Tyneside, built around the needs of three main audience groups: tourism, business and residential. The brand had to speak directly to the core personas of each group, encouraging engagement and instilling pride. The measure of success was based on increasing traffic to the Council’s three main websites (Visit, Invest and My North Tyneside).

The Outcome

Commercial and marketing departments now better understand their audiences, resulting in a more focused approach to marketing activity. Pre-launch activity by Unwritten, included research, strategy, key messaging, branding, outdoor media and website design. The Council reported a 25% increase of visitors to their websites and a combined increase of 520% in social interactions, since working with Unwritten.

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North Tyneside Brand Manual
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