Nemo Swimming saw a notable increase in bookings and enquiries since the launch of their new website.

The Client

Nemo Swimming offer a complete pathway from babies to juniors and beyond. They are unique in their service, taking advantage of a child’s potential to excel during the vital formative years. As award winners in their field, Nemo’s qualified team increasingly develop best practice, allowing each of their attendees to continuously evolve in their swimming ability.

The Objective

Unwritten were tasked with crafting a complete rebrand for Nemo Swimming that showcased their bespoke journey in a fun, fresh visual manner. The concepts designed needed to be engaging in order to prompt booking enquiries. The strategic aim was to enable Nemo to develop a considered approach to their marketing through establishing buyer personas.

The Outcome

Ahead of creating Nemo Swimming’s new brand, Unwritten worked closely with the Nemo team to establish three core buyer personas. We then developed a persona based content plan that would go on to result in increased visitor traffic to their website. The playful visualisation of the unique journey made for an enchanting online presence that lead to a growth in both bookings and enquiries for the company.