Following the launch of Culture Bridge North East, the number of regional Arts Awards completed rose by 22%, the biggest increase in the country.

The Client

Culture Bridge North East (CBNE) is an Arts Council England initiative and belongs to a network of 10 bridge organisations across England. Their main focus is to connect children, young people, schools and communities, with art and culture throughout the region. CBNE was formed to help Arts Council England achieve their mission of ‘great art and culture for everyone’.

The Objective

CBNE has a responsibility to increase the number of young people signing up for Arts Awards in the region. Achieving this objective demonstrates to Arts Council England that CBNE are actively encouraging children and young people to engage with the arts in the region. It also results in the child or young person receiving a nationally recognised qualification.

The Outcome

Research findings led to a decision to target schools, and more specifically the teachers responsible for cultural and learning trips. The new brand identity and key message: ‘today something amazing happened at school’, helped ensure the project was an immediate success. Within months of being launched, CBNE reported a 22% rise in Arts Awards completed across their region.