Spring clean your brand

Posted on 1st March 2015

As the dark nights draw to a close our thoughts turn towards sunny days, trips out with the kids, beer gardens, BBQ’s and holidays. It’s a nice feeling but with it comes preparation: Exercise, wardrobe update, grass cutting, hedge trimming! We’re ready to dust off the cobwebs and de-clutter, at home and in the office. Business owners and marketers too are gearing up for the big spring clean. It’s time to refresh your brand and give your online presence a new lease of life.

Unwritten uses a mix of ten tips to help marketing managers and business directors spruce up their brand position, online and in print. Here are a few to get you started…

1. Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines are a set of rules explaining how your brand works. Their goal is to protect the strength of your brand, ensuring consistency across all of your marketing collateral. But when was the last time you assessed your guidelines? When you launched? Last year? Do you even have brand guidelines?

The ever changing business world and in particular the changing needs of your buyers can and should affect the tone, message and approach to the marketing of your business. This is a good thing; it means you’re evolving and growing in to the type of business that your buyers are looking for. It’s easy to go back to what we’ve always done but by taking a close look at what your guidelines do and don’t allow you’re able to assess whether or not the foundation of your business is reflective of what your buyers want or need from you today. Your guidelines should be a mantra that you, employee’s and outside sources follow. Now is a good time to really think about how your brand is being perceived and a good place to start, is with your brand guidelines.

2. Marketing Calendar Clean up

Do you have a marketing calendar? If so take the time to analyse last years, is it just a duplicate? Take a good look at what ideas worked last year, which ones didn’t and decide carefully what you should focus your efforts on. Make sure you have a system in place to measure your marketing, what did you get out of each element last year and are you recording results? Are you reviewing your open and click through rates with email marketing for example? If not there’s a good chance you won’t know if what you’re doing is working, so simply repeating an email campaign because it’s what you’ve always done, is a waste of time.

Instead clear out chunks in your calendar so you’re able to check things like your website analytics to understand how visitors are using your site and Facebook Insights to see what posts received the most engagement. These are just a couple of measurement tools we review on a regular basis in order to test the effectiveness of the design and digital work we create.

3 .Evaluate your digital marketing efforts

Take a good look at your current social media profiles and assess which ones are working best for your business. Most businesses’ stick to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as that’s what everyone else is doing. But where are your buyers, are they using Pinterest and Instagram? Could Google+ help from and SEO perspective? Whether or not to add a new profile to your social portfolio is a decision not to be taking lightly, sharing the right content for each audience is key to being successful on social media, you need to understand fully what each site offers and how the users differ.

In brand guidelines we talk a lot about the importance of consistency, this of course is still true across social media. Yes, your message should still be consistent with your website and printed literature, however a generic copy and paste across all your sites can feel lazy and repetitive. The delivery of your message, via the tone of voice and imagery you use, should be adapted to allow each audience feel that you’re talking to them.

To talk to us about the ten tips we use to ensure our design, branding and digital work is effective, or for help analysing a current campaign, please get in touch 0191 300 8550 or hello@unwrittencreative.co.uk