Does your brand match your true identity?

Posted on 14th June 2015

Sometimes we look in the mirror and feel ready for a change. A new hair style or even facial hair style (Movember is around the corner!), a new lip colour or a few new items of clothing is often all it takes. But sometimes a major change is in order.

Caitlyn Jenner made headlines earlier this month when Vanity Fair released some truly stunning photos from the upcoming article ‘Call Me Caitlyn.

Formerly called Bruce, Caitlyn, world famous athlete and stepfather to the Kardashian clan, has recently come out as transsexual. According to a recent interview, her transition is so that the outwardly version of herself more resembles how she feels on the inside, her true identity.

It’s rather the same thing for companies. Have you ever felt your brand (the outwardly version of your organisation) no longer matches your present identity? Maybe things are feeling a little stale, or perhaps you’ve undergone a setback and you’re hoping to regain customer confidence. Or it could be that you’ve entered a new market or introduced a new product line that no longer fits with your current branding.

Whatever it is, you feel it’s time for a change. But how much of a change, and where to start?

Refresh vs Rebrand

A revised brand marque (logo), newly aligned key messaging, an updated colour palette or a new responsive website… that might be all you need to get you back on track. It can enhance and bring attention to your brand’s personality, get potential customers taking notice, and can provide a way to showcase existing and new products. This would be on the side of the spectrum we call a ‘Brand Refresh.’

On the other side of the spectrum is a full ‘Rebrand,’ an entire new corporate identity. Maybe a new name, new logo, new brand promise, new personality, new target market… new everything. Has a legal issue or some negative publicity called your current brand into question? A rebrand could also be proactive and a very good thing… perhaps you’re growing or changing your business and your brand no longer reflects the nature of what you do. For example, when Apple Computer dropped the ‘Computer’ from its name in 2002 after the success of the iPod.

Get Started

The first step to a brand update of any kind is to examine your existing corporate identity and clearly define your buyer personas, ensuring your identity tells a story that your likely buyers want to engage with. We’ll look at what makes your company special and stand apart from the competition? Are your loyal customers passionate about you and if so, why? And if not, why not? If your company was a person, what would he or she be like?

The result of a thorough identity audit should highlight whether your brand is in line with your corporate identity, and if not, what is needed to bridge the gap.

This just happens to be one of the things Unwritten does, and does well. We can help you with any and all steps of a simple refresh, to a full rebrand, and everything in between.

So if you think you’re ready for a spruce up, a major overhaul or just want to chat about your brand, get in touch for a free brand audit on 0191 300 8550 or