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Tyne Subsea Logo

Latest Work: Tyne Subsea Website Is Now Live

We’re pleased to announce the launch of the new Tyne Subsea website, commissioned by engineering company Bel Valves and Newcastle University.  Alison Ennis, Marketing Manager at Bel Valves said…  “The handling of the Tyne Subsea website...

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Lisa Eaton at Newcastle Racecourse

Unwritten and Newcastle Racecourse charge ahead with new partnership

Press Release | January 2017: Unwritten Creative, the growing North East branding and digital agency, has agreed a new relationship with Newcastle Racecourse to support the promotion of the sporting venue’s key Summer racing events. The...

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North East Entrepreneur Awards 2016

Unwritten named region’s best creative business at North East Entrepreneur Awards

We’re very pleased to announce that Unwritten has been named the regions ‘best creative business’ at the North East Entrepreneur (WIN) Awards. The awards, which took place at The Boiler Shop in Newcastle at the end...

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Masala Festival mock up brochure

GemArts Masala Festival – Brand Identity and Marketing Literature

As an arts development organisation, GemArts profile and programme culturally diverse art through a series of concerts, festivals and workshops that showcase artists from all forms of art. After managing a successful rebrand the previous year,...

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This Girl Can Campaign Feature

The best branding campaigns of 2015

A strong brand is one of the most important assets a company can own. Whatever your size and whatever your industry, how your buyers perceive your organisation, the products you sell or the services you offer, is...

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Star Wars The Force Awakens Logo

Is Star Wars a branding force that will work for your business?

If you visited any supermarket, in fact just about any shop in the world over the last few weeks, you will have noticed Star Wars branding on pretty much everything. We spotted Yoda packaging on grapes, BB-8...

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North East Times

The 1st Rule of Branding

Unwritten recently wrote this article for the new North East Times and received a number of emails from discouraged business owners and marketers, many of whom felt they were spending too much time and money promoting their brand, and seeing...

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Harry Potter Attic Image

Conversations with a Designer (Part 1)

“Here’s some top secret artwork and a beautiful old attic. Now turn this space into a magical play place and performance area for kids. Oh, and one more thing… it’s Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley!” That was...

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Caitlyn Jenner Vanity Fair

Does your brand match your true identity?

Sometimes we look in the mirror and feel ready for a change. A new hair style or even facial hair style (Movember is around the corner!), a new lip colour or a few new items of...

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