Does your marketing activity address the needs of your audience?

If the answer is no, your customer engagement will suffer, resulting in fewer inbound enquiries. Unwritten helps marketing managers and business directors tackle this challenge by placing a firm customer-focus at the heart of all marketing activity.

We develop brands, build websites and design marketing collateral that directly reaches out to your clientele. By constructing a set of buyer personas from the outset, you can identify what triggers a person to buy (or buy into) what your organisation has to offer. This insight provides you with a practical marketing strategy, enabling you to accurately present your product, service or organisation in a way that prioritises your buyers’ requirements.

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Data Security and GDPR

Everyone is talking about GDPR, but what is it?

Data and how we process it has changed significantly since the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA), and now it’s time for the law to evolve as well. Introducing… GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation).

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Dragon Boats

Dragon Boat Racing!

We joined forces with Seven Stories and First Class Supply to compete in the annual Dragon Boat Race. Seven Stories, The National Centre for Children’s Books, swapped pages for paddles to raise essential funds to enhance...

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