Buyers today are better informed than they ever have been. Understanding who they are and how they buy the products or services you sell, is at the heart of true brand success.

Once a buyer has found you, be it by word-of-mouth, a sales person or Google, there’s a good chance they already know the types of products or services you offer. It can therefore be futile to spend this limited window talking about yourself. Don’t waste time listing your products, explaining what your company does and where you came from. Instead, talk about them. Show that you know who they are and that you understand exactly what it is they want or need.

At Unwritten we start with the buyer and our effort is focused on working out what really makes people buy from a company like yours. We use factual data gathered from your existing customers to build a true picture of who we need to engage with. This isn’t your target audience, it’s much more specific.

When creating your buyer personas we look at customer demographics, behaviour patterns, motivations, risks they associate with your product or service and, lastly, their overall goal.

The brands, websites and marketing materials we design, are done with your buyers in mind. Armed with the right information, we can tailor the way you communicate, ensuring your messaging and the creative work that supports it, is both relevant and engaging. We help make your customer’s decision to buy from you, an easy one.

For help creating your buyer personas and how best to communicate and engage with each, please call Amy or Lisa on 0191 300 8550 or email

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