How to Write a Marketing Plan That Gets Results

Marketing plans can be a contradiction. On one hand, they’re the cause of stress and late nights for marketers who want to make a great job of an extremely important document. On the other hand, once created they’re often left to rot on the company network, making the time and effort put into them worthless. 

In this guide, we’ll talk through the reasons marketing plans often aren’t as effective as they could be, the best way to create a marketing plan that gets results, and how to write a marketing plan that’ll be read and used instead of forgotten.

Unwritten and Newcastle Racecourse charge ahead with new partnership

Press Release | January 2017: Unwritten Creative, the growing North East branding and digital agency, has agreed a new relationship with Newcastle Racecourse to support the promotion of the sporting venue’s key Summer racing events.

The Newcastle-based agency has been assigned to develop a strategic branding programme and associated marketing materials to attract more visitors to events including race meetings and concerts.

Unwritten named region’s best creative business at North East Entrepreneur Awards

We’re very pleased to announce that Unwritten has been named the regions ‘best creative business’ at the North East Entrepreneur (WIN) Awards.

The awards, which took place at The Boiler Shop in Newcastle at the end of 2016, are designed to celebrate the achievements of women in business across the North East.

Unwritten’s Christmas Bake Off proves to be a treat for Macmillan Cancer Care

Press Release – December 2016: Award-winning North East brand and digital agency, Unwritten Creative, hosted a very festive charity Bake-off, inspired by a colleague’s experience of cancer.

The Newcastle-based agency, led by directors Lisa Eaton and Amy Jackson, hoped to give Mary Berry a run for her money with its bake-off style coffee morning for Macmillan Cancer. The event was organised by the company’s senior web designer, Lisa McFarlane, who sadly lost her dad to cancer.