Spend It Well with M&S

Summer is just around the corner and finally we have some sunshine! This uplifting change of weather has left us feeling revitalised and ready to embrace the warmer months—it’s time to pack away the old winter wardrobe and bring out the new. And it seems we aren’t the only ones who are ready to refresh as M&S have fully revamped their branding style in the ‘Spend It Well’ campaign.

The new ad commands its viewers to make every moment their own, encouraging people to disregard the human urge to say yes to everything by just saying no. The tagline for the video—‘Don’t wait for a special occasion to dress up or eat well. Life is a special occasion’—unites the company’s two major pulls, food and fashion, in a campaign that both uplifts and updates the brand.

For the first time M&S have placed their focus on the customer, heavily contrasting their previous campaigns such as ‘Only M&S’ where the products and produce dominate entirely. As the press release states: “[‘Spend It Well’] represents a commitment to putting the customer at the heart of everything it does”—and it is this approach that we have pioneered from the outset, employing buyer personas as our key strategy when forming brands.

We not only pay close attention to demographics but place a special focus on what motivates a person to buy from a company like yours, using this information to craft minor details that, together, form a well-rounded view of your most suitable customers. From user experience to creative pieces that are nothing but relevant to your buyers, we can tailor it all to ensure that your brand reaches its ideal customer base.

Just like M&S give a playful nod to their booming undies sales in ‘Spend It Well’ where the energetic narrative tells customers that they should “never [be] settling for uncomfortable knickers”, we create content that your buyers care about. The emphasis M&S have placed on the customer in this innovative campaign not only underpins their fresh brand update but also reinforces the foundations that formulate our own primary brand strategy.

If you feel as though buyer personas could be a wonderful way to rejuvenate your brand this summer, please call us on 0191 300 8550 or email hello@unwrittencreative.co.uk



How to Write a Marketing Plan That Gets Results

Marketing plans can be a contradiction. On one hand, they’re the cause of stress and late nights for marketers who want to make a great job of an extremely important document. On the other hand, once created they’re often left to rot on the company network, making the time and effort put into them worthless. 

In this guide, we’ll talk through the reasons marketing plans often aren’t as effective as they could be, the best way to create a marketing plan that gets results, and how to write a marketing plan that’ll be read and used instead of forgotten.

Unwritten and Newcastle Racecourse charge ahead with new partnership

Press Release | January 2017: Unwritten Creative, the growing North East branding and digital agency, has agreed a new relationship with Newcastle Racecourse to support the promotion of the sporting venue’s key Summer racing events.

The Newcastle-based agency has been assigned to develop a strategic branding programme and associated marketing materials to attract more visitors to events including race meetings and concerts.

Unwritten named region’s best creative business at North East Entrepreneur Awards

We’re very pleased to announce that Unwritten has been named the regions ‘best creative business’ at the North East Entrepreneur (WIN) Awards.

The awards, which took place at The Boiler Shop in Newcastle at the end of 2016, are designed to celebrate the achievements of women in business across the North East.